Departure Lounge News Coverage

The latest News on Departure Lounge Inc

Live at AWE 2022 5:29

Departure Lounge Live from #AWE2022 w/James Hursthouse.

Metastage Vancouver Launch 18:41

Metastage Canada will be housed at the Departure Lounge facility in the heart of the Centre for Digital Media district in downtown Vancouver.

Departure Lounge Key Hire 9:46

Immersive content industry veteran, Adam Rogers, who joins the company as vice president of creative and head of studio

Metastage Vancouver & Volumetric Capture

Your Gateway into the Metaverse

What is Metastage? 2:33

Volumetric video is the next phase in the evolution of video and capturing human performance at the highest level.

How You Can Become a Hologram 3:20

How Metastage brings you into the Metaverse step by step.

Metastage London Fashion Week 2:20

Check out as world famous models walk in multiple fashions using the power of volumetric capture technology. Markerless Motion Capture

Watch technology in action.

Vicon & Comparison 0:42

Our motion capture being put to the test and compared to a Vicon motion capture system, all in Unity.

Unreal Meta Human Import 4:41

Demonstration of the Unreal Metahuman Import steps.

Malak Lightsaber Fight Mocap 0:37

Scott Anderson from Unreal Cinema used our markerless motion capture technology for his amazing new animated special Malak