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Departure Lounge Partners with Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week to Deliver an Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program

By December 5, 2022December 19th, 2022No Comments

Vancouver, British Columbia – December 5th, 2022 – Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week (VIFW) and Departure Lounge Inc. (“Departure Lounge”) are partnering on delivering an Indigenous Youth in-studio mentorship program experience that includes creative production studio visits and the delivery of Augmented Reality experiences.

Placard of instructions displayed at the event on how to download the Metastage app and bring the holograms to life.Images illustrates model in Fashion Week clothing.During the first phase of mentoring sessions, Holographic captures of VIFW designs with models from Supernaturals Modelling were taken at the Departure Lounge studio.

These holograms were available for viewing by attendees of VIFW and are slated to be used in future engagements.

VIFW, Supernatural Models and the VIFW Youth Mentorship program are all led by Joleen Mitton and her amazing team.

This partnership was made possible via the support of RBC and DigiBC. RBC’s support went towards developing and delivering the Youth Mentorship in-studio initiative. DigiBC helped Departure Lounge to deliver on the goals of the project and will continue to participate in the mentoring sessions.

VIFW took place from Nov 28 – Dec 1, 2022, and the ‘in-studio’ Youth Mentorship program will continue into 2023.

Departure Lounge is honoured to be one of the sponsors for VIFW and looks forward to continuing to support Indigenous communities.

About Departure Lounge Inc.

Departure Lounge has brought together the experience and expertise of its founding team to develop a cohesive range of Metaverse-focused technology and content opportunities, including a joint venture with 4D holographic capture pioneers, Metastage Inc., to bring their world-leading holographic capture platform to Canada. Departure Lounge was acquired by AMPD Ventures Inc. (CSE: AMPD) in December 2021. It operates as an independent business unit while taking full advantage of the high-performance cloud and computes solutions being offered by AMPD Technologies Inc.

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