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Departure Lounge Inc. Signs Memorandum Of Understanding With UK Ocean Not-For-Profit Organization, Marinas Guardian, For Multi-Year, Cross-Media Digital Project Development

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Vancouver, British Columbia – April 13, 2023, Departure Lounge Inc., a Vancouver, BC-based company offering next-generation media production and creative services for the new era of digital content creation and distribution (“Departure Lounge”) is pleased to announce that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with Marinas Guardian, a UK-based not-for-profit organization founded to focus on protecting our crucially important marine environment (“Marinas Guardian”).

Announcement Highlights

  • Marinas Guardian is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2021 to help Marine Protected Areas (“MPA“) in their crucially important work of protecting the marine environment and achieving the COP 15 United Nations Biodiversity Conference goal of protecting 30% of the Ocean by 2030.
  • Departure Lounge, a majority-owned subsidiary of AMPD Ventures Inc. (CSE: AMPD / OTCQB: AMPDF / FRA: 2Q0), has been identified by Marinas Guardian as having the expertise, capabilities, and track record to lead the planning, implementation, and management of a coordinated range of compelling digital initiatives.
  • The digital initiatives are expected to include a fun, educational game centre on the immensely popular Roblox platform, engaging mobile and web games, and next-generation immersive content experiences to amplify and enhance real-world Marinas Guardian activities.

Under the terms of the MOU, Departure Lounge is expected to develop a range of digital initiatives to educate, inform, and increase awareness of the challenges facing the Ocean and help people understand the role they can play to help save it, while also driving awareness of Marinas Guardian’s vitally important mission and mandate. Departure Lounge partner, TwinV Ltd. (“TwinV”), a UK-based creative solutions company that provides tailored content and consulting for linear production and live events, is also party to the agreement.

“One of the key pillars of the Marinas Guardian organization is a commitment to ‘educating now for future generations’ so that everyone, and young people in particular, become more aware of how important a clean, thriving Ocean is to the survival of our planet,” said Jason Peers, Founder and Managing Director of Marinas Guardian. “We know that digital channels must play a major role in helping Marinas Guardian educate and inform current and future generations about our mission and mandate. We are excited to be working with the Departure Lounge team as they bring the necessary expertise across all forms of cross-media development to our organization.”

Departure Lounge will utilize its digital media production technologies and creative expertise to expand the reach and engagement of real-world activities and festivals, as well as produce a coordinated series of digital-only projects, designed to reach and engage children through to adults; the initial projects include a Roblox-based educational game centre aimed at 7-to 14-year-olds, and mobile and web games aimed at a broader global audience aged twelve and up.

“Being selected as the lead digital initiatives partner by Marinas Guardian is both exciting and gratifying,” said James Hursthouse, CEO & Founder at Departure Lounge Inc. and CEO at Departure Lounge parent, AMPD Ventures Inc. “I am pleased that Marinas Guardian has recognized how the technologies and creative services that we offer at Departure Lounge can be utilized across a range of coordinated next-generation digital channels and we look forward to working together over the next few years. Our team brings a huge amount of experience in game development, immersive training, and educational platform development. We are excited to combine this expertise with our cutting-edge, sustainable media production technologies and creative services in the pursuit of helping Marinas Guardian educate millions of people around the world about the importance of Ocean preservation and support Marinas Guardian in its crucially vital mission.”

Work on the project is expected to commence in Q2, 2023, with Departure Lounge bringing its full range of content development, production technologies, creative services expertise, and partner network to the various initiatives.

In conjunction with Departure Lounge partner, Twin V, Marinas Guardian is also expected to provide a mix of scientific conference sessions, blue economy startup festivals, entertainment, live performances, and cultural activities designed to accelerate positive change for our blue planet and create a balance of real world as well as digital activities and engagements.

About Marinas Guardian

Marinas Guardian is a UK-based not-for-profit organization founded in 2021 to focus on the crucially important work of protecting and preserving our marine environment, primarily by supporting the ongoing expansion of Marine Protected Areas (“MPAs”) around the world. The organization combines top-flight advisory and strategic expertise with technology and an educational platform that will help change how we monitor, protect, clean, and educate the world about our precious Ocean. Marinas Guardian is in the process of fund-raising and working on a series of potential opportunities to help progress its aims. These include the development of a holistic approach to supporting MPAs and an exciting initiative with the International Union for Conservation of Nature to progress the clean-up of oil from sunken ships around the world. Marinas Guardian has also agreed to partner with the globally renowned Volvo Ocean Lovers Festival to take its highly successful Sydney-Ocean Lovers Festival and Blue Solutions Summit international.

Contact: Laura McFarlane, CEO, Marinas Guardian Ltd. | Tel: +1 (347) 820 2889 |

About Twin V Ltd.

Twin V Ltd is a creative solutions company founded in 2017 by Alexander Milas, erstwhile archaeologist, broadcaster, and award-winning decade-long ex-editor-in-chief of the UK’s Metal Hammer magazine. Twin V provides tailored, editorialised content and consulting services for the music industry and beyond and is proud to work with organizations such as the European Space Agency, Iron Maiden, Amon Amarth, and the Jorvik Viking Centre (York, UK). Twin V is the mastermind behind the award-winning Space Rocks, a series of festivals and video podcasts celebrating the science and cultural impact of space exploration in partnership with the European Space Agency, as well as World Metal Congress, launched as a two-day conference and live event consisting of panel discussions tackling a wide range of industry and social issues relating to global Metal culture, film screenings, and live music. World Metal Congress is now an ongoing forum that has been featured on the BBC, ITV, the Wall Street Journal and more. For further information please visit

Contact: Alexander Milas, Director, Twin V Ltd. | Tel: +44 (0)790 568 3369 |

About Departure Lounge Inc.

Departure Lounge Inc., a subsidiary of AMPD Ventures Inc. (CSE: AMPD / OTCQB: AMPDF / FRA 2Q0) was established in June 2021 to combine the founding team’s expertise to capitalize on the massive opportunity represented by the new generation of immersive digital content. Supercharged by volumetric capture and other technologies, Departure Lounge offers next-generation media production and creative services. We create 3D, immersive worlds for every screen from mobile phones to giant LED virtual production walls, and for every sector from film and television production, through video games across all platforms, immersive training applications, to real estate and digital twinning. As a key differentiator, Departure Lounge offers Metastage volumetric capture and other synergistic technologies to bring natural, authentic human performances quickly and easily into this new realm of immersive media. For further information please visit or contact Departure Lounge Inc.:

Contact: Kajol Bhatia | Marketing & Communications Lead | +1 (236) 863-2474 |

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