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Ground-breaking Mixed Reality Music Video Project, WHIPPED CREAM’s “THE DARK VR” Fuels Monstercat Win at the Canadian Independent Music Association Awards

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Vancouver, British Columbia – Thursday, April 27, 2023 – Departure Lounge Inc., a Vancouver, BC-based company offering next-generation media production and creative services (“Departure Lounge”) and world-renowned electronic dance music label, Monstercat (Monstercat”) are pleased to announce that their ground-breaking co-production, WHIPPED CREAM’s “THE DARK VR” mixed-reality music video, has helped win a prestigious Canadian Independent Music Association (“CIMA”) BOLD Award for WHIPPED CREAM’s “Someone You Can Count On” EP.

The CIMA BOLD Award recognizes that innovation knows no bounds in the digital era, and that cross-media creative approaches – be they viral, experiential or lifestyle-focused – make for an exciting landscape in which to launch and market new projects. “THE DARK VR” was the centrepiece of Monstercat’s award-winning campaign.

“THE DARK VR” kicked off with a teaser at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF), then transitioned into a full 2D music video, and later evolved into a fully immersive virtual-reality experience that premiered at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2023. “THE DARK VR” allows viewers to step inside the mind of WHIPPED CREAM and experience first-hand the emotion conveyed in a song like never before.

“This unparalleled virtual experience built for WHIPPED CREAM’s EP would not have been possible without the incredible partnership and collaboration with Departure Lounge, Will Selviz (Creative Director) and DigiBC who all helped make the “THE DARK” and “THE DARK VR” a reality,” said Tabitha Neudorf, Music Marketing Lead at Monstercat. “This CIMA BOLD Award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to showcasing the exceptional creativity of our artists. Departure Lounge’s volumetric capture process and expert virtual world developers helped unlock WHIPPED CREAM’s creative vision in unprecedented ways.”

“Congratulations to WHIPPED CREAM and the entire Monstercat team on this well-deserved win,” said Adam Rogers, VP of Creative and Head of Studio at Departure Lounge. “We’re honoured to have played a role in the success of Monstercat’s campaign for the new WHIPPED CREAM EP. This project gave us an opportunity to push the boundaries of immersive technology and storytelling in the music industry and create Canada’s first fully volumetrically captured music video.”

“Working with Departure Lounge and Monstercat allowed me to open new horizons for my artistic vision and create something truly unique and memorable. Their dedication to the project was nothing short of inspiring,” said WHIPPED CREAM. “I’m so grateful for their contribution to “THE DARK” and the success of the ‘Someone You Can Count On’ EP campaign. Thank you for believing in me and helping me bring my vision to life.”

About Monstercat

Monstercat is one of electronic music’s most influential independent record labels. Founded in Waterloo, Canada in 2011, Monstercat has since expanded its global footprint with offices in Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Singapore. Backed by passionate employees, driven artists, and the dedication of fans worldwide, Monstercat proves that independent labels have the ability to reshape and reimagine the music industry landscape.
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Self-dedication is WHIPPED CREAM’s guiding light, and it’s led her to tens of millions of streams, Coachella and Red Rocks, and collabs with some of the biggest names in the business, but all of it would mean nothing if it didn’t bring her confidence in her power and truth. She learned to express herself with music as a competitive ice skater, but an ankle injury opened the door for her true calling. After an inspiring trip to a local music festival, she dove head first into pouring over production software, blending her love for bittersweet atmospheres with hard-hitting percussion.

Originally debuting “The Dark” at her mind-blowing Coachella set in 2022, WHIPPED CREAM has since been on a streak of major festival plays and headline dates in preparation for her EP tour this spring. Taking the stage at renowned events like Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland, ADE, and Coachella, she’s given fans a taste of her dynamic live performances in multiple cities across the US. Sharing art that feels true to herself and this next evolution of her project, 2023 is indisputably the year of WHIPPED CREAM.

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